Fusion of Taste is a signature event of Albion Islington Square Business Improvement Area.
Albion Islington Square is a vivacious and multicultural area.
The BIA was incorporated in 2007 and since then 'Fusion of Taste Festival'

has been a niche for the "Multicultural Festival" in a "Diverse Community".

'Fusion of Taste' caters to a wide range of people offering something for everyone.

People come from the local area and beyond the city limits to experience this outdoor

celebrations of culture and food.

The venue is within the Albion Islington Square BIA, a rich multi cultural community

which is primarily known for its gold and diamond jewellery, rich fabrics from around

the world and its diverse culinary offerings.

The event provides 10.5 hours of programming with over 100 artists performing
at the event covering all aspects of cultural performances.





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